Location: Calgary, AB  


The Company

Southland Technical Services LTD was founded in Calgary in 1988 to offer initially servicing of home electronics and later on incorporating appliance servicing in Calgary. Victor Phan, the company’s Chief Operating Officer explained that the main mission is “to offer a superior repair services.” The company, which provides repair services on electronics and appliances, has 11 employees and serves tens of thousands of people across Calgary and surrounding cities.

Quick Vitals 

6% Monthly Increase in Revenues

309% Increase in number of reviews

217% increase in search views

“We were able to improve our customer experience to increase loyalty, retention, & revenues with actionable insights provided by Elevatie.”

 Susan Denney – Administrative Assistant, Southland Technical



Southland Technical Services had an abundance of negative reviews from disgruntled customers. They tried everything from emails, postcards, gift cards, and incentives to getting more online reviews. However, they had no easy solution to get more great reviews from their happiest customers. Until Elevatie!, We were able to help them effectively increase their online reviews on Google, Facebook, and Homestars.


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In this case study you’ll learn how Elevatie helped Southland Technical Services:


  • Reach valid customers effectively — not only just using emails.
  • Investigate everything from brand perception to service strategy.
  • Gain data-driven decisions from reports, charts, and insights.
  • Impact their local SEO.
  • Obtained operational insights to make organizational changes.

“With Elevatie we were able to get more online reviews on Homestars and Google from our happiest customers. Which ultimately helped us get more customers because we would get calls from customers saying how great our reviews are.”

 Jennylen Bustamante – Service Co-ordinator, Southland Technical

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