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Improving communication with customers is the key to the growth of any business, as strong communication (or lack of it) can make (or break) the business. Facebook Messenger, makes this all possible. If a business can communicate effectively with its customers, it can ensure increased business, referrals, and repeat business. On the contrary, ineffective communication may lead to negative word of mouth, frustrated customers, and decreased sales. 


Because communication is essential, it becomes even more critical for organizations to understand the ways customers prefer to communicate these days. Recent trends have shown that customers of today prefer to communicate with a business via messaging apps such as Facebook. Hence, they are more likely to be attracted to a business that facilitates social media communication. 


Companies are acknowledging this fact and are starting to communicate with customers with communication tools such as Facebook Business Page and Facebook Messenger. 


If you have started to use Facebook Messenger for business, you must have come across specific icons and symbols on the messenger’s interface. A proper understanding of these symbols informs you about what your customers are trying to tell you and how their mood is. Below is a quick guide on the symbols and their meaning to help you better serve your customers.

Here is a guide on the Facebook Messenger Symbols:

Facebook Messenger Blue Circle Symbol

Open Blue Circle

The presence of this symbol in your message indicates that the message is about to be sent. If you come across this symbol, you should wait till the process of sending the message gets completed before navigating away. 


Facebook Messenger Blue Circle with Check Mark Symbol

Open Blue Circle with a Check Mark

This symbol indicates that the sending process of the message has been completed. However, it only informs that the message has only been delivered. It does not report if the message has been received successfully or not. This open blue circle symbol also indicates that the message has not been read.


Facebook Messenger Full Blue Circle with Check Mark Symbol

Filled Blue Circle with a Check Mark

The presence of this symbol alongside the message informs that your message has been delivered to the recipient successfully. However, you only get to know that the message has reached the device of the recipient. You won’t know if he has seen your message or not.


Facebook Messenger Red Triangle Symbol

Red Triangle

The presence of a red triangle, together with an exclamation sign, indicates that your message has not been sent as yet. In most cases, a message also appears alongside the red triangle, which states, “This message was not sent. Please check your internet connection and click here to retry.” In addition, sometimes using a VPN could temporary disrupt your internet connection. If this is the case, just try again when you have an internet connection.


Customer is King


There is no denial of the fact that the customer is the ‘King’ in today’s business, and customers value convenience more than anything else. For example, if given an option, most of them would rather text to customer support than call. Even providing customers with service updates, or quotes, customers would rather text in. Studies have also shown that most millennials would rather prefer text messages to calls when they need to enquire about deliveries, appointments, and discounts. 


Elevatie has recognized this consumer behavior, many successful businesses are encouraging their customers to use tools such as Facebook Messenger extensively for business communication. They are making provisions where customers can combine all their messages from multiple messaging tools (like Webchat, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s click-to-message) into one single inbox. This allows the customers to avoid switching between messaging platforms and to make their interactions more convenient. 


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