Best method to optimize Facebook Messenger

How to Optimize Facebook Messenger for Business?


Are you looking for a new avenue to reach out to your customers and prospects? If yes, you must consider the Facebook Messenger. With over 1.2 billion users ( approx) and counting, Facebook Messenger is one of the most used messaging apps around. Several pieces of research have shown that millennials are more likely to remain loyal to a business that communicates with them through text messages. All in all, Facebook Messenger provides your business with a fantastic opportunity to communicate with your prospects one-on-one and to automate repetitive tasks associated with them.


This is why; it becomes all the more essential for a business to make the best use of Facebook Messenger. Read through this blog post, and we will tell you how to do this from scratch:


  1. Set up Facebook Messenger

Before you can use the Facebook Messenger to build your brand, you must set it up to work with your FB business page. You need a username and password for your FB page ( if you are yet to create one so far), and it will be the same for your Facebook Messenger as well.


  1. Enable messaging on your page


You need to enable messenger for your page to be able to send and accept messages. To do this, click messages under the option call general settings and click the edit button. After that is done, check the box that says “allow people to contact my Page privately” and then click on the ‘Save changes” button.


  1. Configure message settings


You will find 2 major settings to optimize FB messenger for your business.


  • Display a response time


To set the average response time for the page, you can either click “automatically show your average response time for messages” or may select a time as per your convenience. If you would like to encourage customers to communicate with your business via Messenger, a shorter response time would be better.


  • Send instant replies


You can send instant replies/greetings to people when they message your page for the first time. With these personalized replies, you can inform them how long you may take to reply to them or may even direct them to any other part of your page. For this, go to the “Response Assistant” under ‘Messaging” and toggle to “Yes” for “Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page.” Click “Change” to edit/write messages as appropriate and then click “Save.”

Facebook Messenger Responses


  1. Learn about people who message you


As the Facebook Messenger displays personal details of those who message you, it gives you a lot of flexibility to personalize your communications with such people. With Facebook, you can link to their profiles and get to know if they liked your page, where they’re from, place of work, etc. You can always build on such information and can generate additional loyalty for your business.


  1. Make use of keywords and notes


You can add keywords in the Facebook Messenger to manage conversations easily. You can also add notes to keep track of your previous conversations. The notes function will give you a lot of advantages when you troubleshoot a customer issue, and you want to have proper documentation of the entire process.


  1. Use messenger codes and links


Messenger codes allow people to connect to your business when they scan a simple graphic. The profile picture of your business page in circular form is the messenger code for your business. It’s typically enclosed by dots and dashes and resembles a bit like the Morse code.

Similarly, your messenger link would help the users to start a conversation with your business page. You can put it in your email signature, website, social media profiles, or other printed materials.


  1. Put a messenger box to your business website


You can encourage the visitors to your website to contact you via Facebook by using certain page plug-ins.  To do this, you may add a box on your website that shows the timeline and upcoming events of your page. It may also allow the visitors to send private messages to your page.


To sum it up, Facebook Messenger is an excellent communication tool with which a business can establish instant contact with customers and prospects. We would suggest you work your way around it, explore different features and use custom messages to reach out to your prospects. Facebook is constantly updating its Messenger with new and improved features to facilitate business communication. You can also send your ideas to their team in the comments Tab in case you have a point to make regarding the existing features, or you want to see some improvements.


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