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That’s the power of online reviews

Trusted by thousands of businesses – big & small  

One bad review can spoil your reputation


It’s a fact—angry customers are more likely to leave a review than satisfied ones.

Don’t let unsatisfied customers steal your spotlight


You’re not powerless against bad reviews. Elevatie’s founder and CEO developed the software to improve the online reputation of his father’s business. In just 4 months, the star rating increased from a 2.2 to a 3.9 average, with a subsequent search engine traffic jump of 217%.

Collect more positive online reviews


Average out those negative opinions by asking all customers for reviews. It’s that simple.

The majority of your customers love you. Otherwise you wouldn’t still be in business.

The only way to represent your business accurately online is to get more reviews from your customers.

Elevatie’s customer review software makes it easy

Ask for reviews by text message

Bulk send or send invites individually

Schedule notifications in advance

“We went from 2.2 to a 4.4 star rating and tripled our revenues in less than a month after using Elevatie.”


 Robert Balfour, Owner – Muscle Men Movers

Works with top online platforms


Gather up more reviews on Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot. Establish your business as the top choice in your area. Not only will potential customers perceive you better, but you’ll increase traffic to your site as well (reviews are a major factor in SEO).

Customers choose where to review


We’ll help you set up a “review funnel” – that’s a fancy of way of saying that customers can choose from your available platforms where they want to leave their review, and if they want to leave multiple or just one.

Integrates with your business


If you want your employees to send requests individually after service, then you’ll love our mobile app. If you want to automatically send requests from your customer database, our integrations make it happen in a snap.

Get notified immediately of 1 or 2 star reviews


Stay on top of your business’s reputation. When you wait to respond to a negative review, it makes your business look even worse. Our customer review software gives you instant email notifications of bad reviews, so you can respond right away.

See who Elevatie is perfect for:

“We’re averaging 100 reviews a month since starting with Elevatie. The amount of organic traffic we get from Google has significantly increased since we first started using the tool in August 2017. We know it is benefiting our revenue, helping us gain the client’s trust before they even go onto our website.”


  Jamey Holt, Marketing Director – Surex Direct

“We have gone from a 3.9 to a 4.7 star average in a year. Overall moral is up and the team is paying more attention to the customer experience.”


Rick Briggs, Owner – Two Amigos Moving

Want more online traffic and more customers?

Get more positive reviews.