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The Customer Experience with Messenger


Our messenger optimizes the customer experience at every touch point, in everything from prospecting and service to feedback and professional development.

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“We found Elevatie to be a simple effective tool to allow our staff to showcase our level of service to the general public. They are not just a technology company, they have shown interest in our operation and will do what ever is necessary to help us be successful.”

Matt Alston – COO, Surex Direct

Texting is easy with
Elevatie’s dashboard.

Canned responses


Create & use your own templates or choose from one of the ready-to-send options.

Assign team members


Assign conversations to different team members so that no message goes unanswered.

Manage conversations


See which messages still need a response and who has already read them.

Respond automatically


Send automated messages to customers who text your business after hours.

All In One Messenger Platform.


Customer interaction at every touch point in your business regardless of the channel. All of your messages from text to Facebook Messenger, comes into one space where you can directly respond.

“85% of people want to be able to not only receive a text message from a business but also answers from a business through text.”

– Agility PR

Texting has its benefits.
Need proof?

Higher open rate


Antiquated methods are less effective. 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes.

Saves 8 hours a week


On average, Elevatie users save 8 hours a week thanks to the Messenger Platform.

Smartphone Users


96% of smartphone users text.

Higher conversions


Text messaging converts 40% higher than those who weren’t sent any text messages.

More SMS. Less Time Wasted.


Text messaging for businesses means better communication. Less time wasted on elevator music, business texts cuts to the chase and closes the deal.

Personalized Demo!


See how Messenger helps with customer interaction.