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Get great reviews, real fast


Collect real reviews from your customers at an unprecedented rate. Elevatie’s mobile platform generates completion rates up to 20 times higher than traditional email-based platforms. That means more reviews for your business.

Increase brand trust


No one knows better than you that your business is a reputable, trustworthy operation. Reviews on various review sites can help let the world know that you’re reliable and a business which they should choose.

Impact Local SEO


Your business’ online reviews have an impact on local search engine optimization (SEO) and where you appear in the search rankings. In addition, businesses that appear in the 3-pack are more visible to prospective customers.

Elevatie Is Helping Hundreds Of Businesses.

You too can make better business decisions based on online review data. Join us today.


Elevatie enables you to manage, respond to and engage with customers via text message from your computer or mobile device.


In addition to text messaging solutions, Elevatie helps you collect and manage your online reviews, gain insights from both business text messaging (click-to-text) and customer feedback while getting your team involved, and responding straight from Elevatie.

Everything in its right place.


No more scouring 20+ sites to ensure you’re aware of every online review that your business receives. Rather, Elevatie brings all of your reviews, from multiple review sites, into one easy-to-understand dashboard. Sort, filter, see, and respond to, any and every review that your business collects – right from Elevatie.

Get found. Get chosen. Get insight.


Elevatie helps you attract more customers, keep your current customers & grow your business.