How to Get FaceBook Reviews (Recommendations)

Facebook Review is now Recommendations


It’s an understatement that social media plays a very important role in the marketing mix of any business today. If your business has an online presence, it’s almost impossible to think that you do not have a Facebook business page. The Facebook Business Page is extensively used by businesses to collect reviews from visitors to their stores and websites.


Having great Facebook reviews will enhance your chances of getting more customers as online reviews tend to build trust. If a big chunk of the aggregate reviews about your business is positive, it tells new customers that they can expect a positive experience at your business.


Make no mistake! There is no shortcut to obtain or improve upon Facebook reviews overnight. It’s a continuous process. However, there are several ways for you to encourage your customers/prospects to be more upbeat with their feedback and obtain Facebook reviews.


Here is a step-by-step approach to getting your first few Facebook reviews.

  1. Ask family members and friends to review


You ask family members and friends (who have visited your business) for your first few Facebook reviews and build confidence. As you know them personally, it would be easier for you to send them review invites online. They would feel privileged and are more likely to leave a great review. Each Facebook review can be seen by the audience of the reviewers on Facebook and slowly, but surely, you can cast a broader net.  


  1. Invite your Facebook friends to review


“Facebook friend” is a term used pretty loosely. You can send invites to your “Facebook Friends” whom you might not see too often. You can also send review invites to the members of any group you belong to or to those familiar faces on your friend list who have visited your business.


  1. Ask your employees for reviews


The jobs of your current employees indeed depend on your business success. So, you may ask them to review your business. If you are taking adequate steps to improve employee satisfaction, they are highly likely to leave an awesome review. Additionally, you can reach out to your former employees (those left on a good note, of course!) to review your business.


  1. Ask your favorite vendors for reviews


You must be having a pool of vendors who are in good terms with you and who have visited your business. Your business success would be a matter of their interest, too, and they are highly likely to leave you a great review. You may also run a monthly promotion and encourage them to review your business.


  1. Request your customers for reviews


You may ask your existing customers or those who regularly come to your business to review your store. You may send them review invites shortly after they complete transactions with you. Besides, you may also reach out to those customers who used to visit you regularly in the past but just stopped coming of late (maybe because they have found another option nearby). You can find former customers from comments and likes from your old Facebook posts. By sending review invites, you can always rekindle your old association with them.


You can email both your existing and past customers and ask them to review their previous experience with your business. Also, you may add an attractive banner to your website and invite customers for reviews (as a call to action!) and then link the banner to your Facebook page.


  1. Make the process simple enough


It’s important to make the review/feedback option simple enough for the customers so that they are encouraged to review you on Facebook. You must leave clear directions on your facebook page on how to leave reviews. Pay attention to their reviews and comments and duly thank them for their honest feedback. Remind them that you value their opinions, and these matters a lot to you.

It’s not fruitless to have a humble start. The above-mentioned ways may look too simple to you, but remember, many of the best business processes were the simplest ones to start with. Don’t get intimidated by thousands of positive Facebook reviews obtained by your more fancied competitors. The fact of the matter is that you can build your reputation brick by brick, with every little interaction you have with your customers.


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